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We offer practical leadership development solutions for leaders at all levels, designed for immediate impact.


Collaborate with us for a unique-to-you approach that extends your capabilities.

As people move into different leadership roles and responsibilities, their perspectives and skills must also grow.

Using our first-hand knowledge of effective leadership practices in today’s business world, we’ve identified four pivotal points that make the highest impact on the leadership journey.

Focusing on the skills needed at each of these moments, we’ve developed our four Leadership Pathway Programs, designed to guide leaders through these challenges for exponentially greater success for participants, their teams, and their organizations.


Personal Leadership
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Leading Leaders

Organizational Leadership
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Leading with Intention

Team Leadership
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Organizational Culture
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Single-Topic Sessions, Expanded Programming & Scalable Leadership Development Solutions


In addition to our core Leadership Pathway programs, we offer single-topic Skill Building Courses that focus on critical skills leaders need to thrive.

These sessions vary in length, and can be offered as a stand-alone session or added as modules to one of our Leadership Pathways for even greater impact.

Click here to see our list of topics ready for immediate impact.


Many of our long-term clients choose to collaborate with us to expand our core content into organization-specific, scalable Leadership Development Programs.

Connect with our team of Business Development Directors to discuss how we can be your partner in leadership development for your unique situation and goals.


How are your programs delivered?

All our programs are centered around the needs and priorities of adult learners. They can be delivered in virtual, in-person, or hybrid models to best meet the needs of the group.

How big or small can your programs be scaled?

From a one-time focused session on a high-impact topic, to a comprehensive multi-year, multi-cohort program aligned across all levels of an organization… we’ve done it. Our collaborative team is results-oriented and will work with you to meet your goals within your budget.

What levels of leaders do you work with?

Exceptional leadership can – and should – be found in all levels of an organization and is not found in a particular job title or position. We work with people throughout all stages of their careers, including individual contributors, first-time supervisors, experienced managers, senior-level leaders, and C-suite executives.

What is the average turnaround time?

Ideal lead time averages four to six weeks, though it depends on the scope and complexity of the program you need. Our dedicated program managers work closely with clients to align every detail and meet key deadlines.

How do you incorporate our values into your programming?

Every program we deliver is a full collaboration between our team of business leaders and our clients. We have dedicated space within our core programs to incorporate your company’s culture and values in order to maximize the long-term impact and results.

How are you different than your competitors?

We make it smart and practical for our clients to leverage our resources, expertise, and capabilities as an extension of their own team. We’re with you every step of the way to help your organization meet its goals.

How are you related to Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM)?

Over 30 years ago, LFGSM recognized its unique ability to bring the expertise of its Business Leader Faculty into companies to meet their leadership and professional development needs. That was the beginning of its Center for Leadership business division.