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Program Overview

This series guides participants in defining who they are as a leader — their personal leadership brand — and making choices about how to apply themselves to the daily work of leadership. Their leadership brand connects their own values and style with organizational needs in a way that benefits the team and advances the business. Using self-awareness and a strategic understanding of team goals, participants learn a framework to engage in key conversations to drive individual and business performance. 

Program Overview

Module 1: self-awareness

Focus on defining a leadership brand, which will be the foundation for the remaining modules, and how to bring self-awareness into the daily practice of leadership.

Module 2: strategic perspective

Define strategy, identify how the team impacts the strategy of the organization, and learn how to be intentional about creating the environment for team success.

Module 3: having key conversations

Define the roles that trust and credibility play in a leader’s ability to be influential, and prepare for successful key conversations with leaders at all levels.