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Program Overview

This series focuses on a key moment in the leadership journey: the pivot point from leading a core team to leading leaders of other teams. Leading at this level, where other leaders report to you, is very different from leading an individual or even a direct team. Leaders in these positions must operate differently as their responsibilities scale to greater impact across the organization, and they no longer have the time to be directly involved in every task. This program is an opportunity to take yourself out of your day-to-day work and give yourself the time and space to think about how you lead and new approaches to consider.

Program structure

Leading Leaders is offered virtually in three two-hour modules and includes a personal playbook for participants to use as they reflect on their own leadership practice. This program is recommended for experienced professionals whose direct reports are leading teams.

Module 1: lead as a catalyst

Explore the concept of leading as a catalyst and how doing so helps you imagine the future, inspire people to follow you, and make the future a reality. Learn one method to bring the most important drivers of the business into focus to have clarity about what’s needed from you and your team.

Module 2: sense team future readiness

Develop an enhanced understanding of your team’s future readiness across four variables and how to identify what your team needs in order to achieve the future vision.

Module 3: Liberate yourself and your team

Put your new learnings and evolving mindset into practice using tools to better leverage the talents of your team. Find more focus on the things that truly need your time and attention.