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Program Overview

As leaders grow and take on new responsibilities they require an additional set of skills to be successful. Developing a team, and identifying and engaging their talents through delegation, coaching, and feedback are critical foundational skills.

Leadership Essentials is about learning to lead with a vision that inspires high performance and team connection.

This program is delivered virtually, and participants will engage in group discussions and reflective activities. The program may be expanded to cover additional topics or adapted to meet your team’s needs.

Program Highlights

Module 1: Understand Self

Develop an understanding of emotional intelligence, recognize behaviors of high trust leaders, and discuss leadership styles.

Module 2: Develop Others

Examine feedback vs. coaching, the SBI feedback model, and BOND coaching model.

Module 3: Lead the Team

Discuss the Managing vs. Leading Continuum, delegation strategies, and the six components of high-performing teams.

Module 4: Advance the Business

Learn how to tie team goals to the organization’s vision and strategy in order to advance the business.