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cyclical chart with five boxes labeled "5 leadership traps"

Program Overview

The issues leaders face today are intricate and intertwined, and traditional leadership habits and practices are no longer working. The thoughtful and well-designed programs we have all been using just don’t seem to have the lasting impact we would like.

HeadPoint™ works with organizational leaders to develop a deep level of understanding of what’s in the way by identifying five key Leadership Traps™. By learning how to recognize and address these behaviors, leaders can instill clarity and confidence, unlocking the potential within their organizations and enabling them to tackle future challenges to successfully grow the business.



Jeff Anderson is a senior executive who is passionate about leadership and shining a light on ineffective leadership practices while sharing secrets that lead to success. He brings incredible knowledge, insights, and levity into his thought leadership, providing his audience with valuable takeaways.

Jeff is President and CEO of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and Founding Partner of the Chatham Group, an association of executive coaching professionals. Previously, Jeff was an Associate Dean at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he established numerous unparalleled leadership programs and opportunities.